Jager Bomb Mix Recipe

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This recipe explains both ways. For the jäger bomb recipe pour the jägermeister in a shot glass.

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Drop the shot of jager into a highball glass of red bull, then drink the contents.

Jager bomb mix recipe. The best way to drink a bomb is mix it upthe regular way but you got to line the edge of the glass with cocaine. Spray the surface of a cupcake tray with nonstick spray. What is a jager bomb?

Made with just 2 ingredients plus a bit of fanfare, this drink is super fun at parties. Pour a half can of energy drink like red bull into a pint glass; Drop the jägermeister shot into the glass of red bull.

The jager bomb is what they call a bomb sh. However, if you are making it with energy drink, drink it. Drop jägermeister into energy drink.

This electrifying cocktail is deceptively simple. Fill shot glass with jägermeister and pint glass halfway with energy drink. An even better way to do jager bombs is to mix 2 shots of jager and 1 shot red bull.or the other way around.

Below you can find just about all the drinks made with jagermeister. Fill a shot glass with jagermeister; Either way, it’ll get the job done and the party started.

A database of 20000+ cocktail recipes, it is here where you find variations of your favourite cocktails easily. Today we show you how to make the jager bomb, or jäger bomb if you want to stay official to naming conventions. Slice off the bottoms of maraschino cherries so they can stand and place one in each cupcake hole.

Afterwards put the red bull into a glass. Bring 2 cups of red bull and 2 packs of gelatin to a boil and add jägermeister once cooled. Pour mix into the cupcake tray and refrigerate until firm.

These drinks contain jagermeister, for the best possible mixes. The classic jager bomb involves one shot (1.5 ounces) of jägermeister and half of an 8.4 ounce can of red bull. The jägerbomb is a simple cocktail, but don’t underestimate its ability to get a party started!

In recent times, however, the version replacing beer with an energy drink instead has far surpassed it in popularity. Jager bomb mixed drink recipe with ingredients, garnish, mixing instructions and a picture of the glass. To make the jager bomb recipe you will need two things aside from the ingredients;

Then its ping ping ping go! Interact with us and send us your versions and corrections. Enjoy your jäger bomb shot!!

American bartenders school shows how to make a jager bomb mixed drink cocktail recipe. Check out the recipe of jager bomb on easy cocktail recipes. Drop the shot in and drink immediately

The drink is served by dropping the shot. Simply fill a shot glass with good ol’. Either way you get 3 shots out it for you and 2 friends.

You will need red bull and jagermeister. Now search and find them and impress your guests. Jäger bomb is the cocktail drink of the day for may 17, when charlotte crosby who rose to fame on the mtv reality series geordie shore celebrates her.

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